Forget Uncle Sam, JOAT want’s YOU!


Have you an interest in ANY topic? Would you like to share your views to begin a discussion with a wider audience? Are you interested in building an information centre for those not concerned by what the traditional media centre’s deem important?

Well, here is the place for you, young squire. The aim with JOAT is simple; it is to promote a happy, talkative community that promotes discussion, banter but no judgement or bullying. There is no such thing as a wrong answer, just a differing point of view. If you have an opinion or idea, get it out there. Don’t sit there waiting for the opportunity to fall in your lap just to see somebody else move forward and take it to the next level. Join the JOAT revolution and let’s create something great together.

We are looking for contributors, artists, writers, sponsors basically anyone who can help produce great content that will get us all talking but above all, keep us all entertained.

Contact us by email or find us on twitter @jackofalltrad19


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