Where’s the customer service at?


Why is it that here in Ireland, in a time that everyone is struggling to gain a foothold in their market, we have stopped providing each other with little tips and help for free? If you follow any American blogs or vlogs, you will find the content creator posting advice and wisdom several times a week for free. It’s quite typical of the Irish market to not care about giving something back to their customers.

Several years ago we seemed to completely lose our sense of customer service that I feel is the most basic necessity of any business. I know the Irish laugh at the lengths an American business will go to to ensure you have had a favorable experience of their service. The reason we laugh is because it is a hugely foreign concept to us. We’re too used to dealing with the Ryanair’s and Vodafone’s of this world to understand what a pleasurable customer experience is. However, in a fiercely competitive climate that is only getting more and more competitive on a daily basis, it’s time to buck that trend.

Now I’m not saying we have to go so far the other way that it ends up being false. For a good customer service system to work it needs to at least be sincere. Simple things like greeting the customer can have a huge effect on the customer impression of your business. You also need to consider how your employees feel about their daily grind. An unhappy employee is not going to go out of their way to promote your enterprise. It also shows in their attitude in the workplace. It can be quite difficult to mask your true feelings, and in the current climate it’s truer now than ever before. With not much positives out there with all the taxation and austerity floating about we should be proactively promoting enjoyable workplaces. If you feel that pay increases are the way to go, then that’s great your employees should be delighted to hear that, but a happy workplace doesn’t have to cost the employer anything. It can be simple schemes like raising funds for a good cause by for instance wearing a silly costume to work and asking customers to make contributions, you could even offer a small prize for the best costume just as a token of appreciation. If that’s not for you just ask the workforce what would make their working week that bit more enjoyable. These simple gestures will reap many rewards down the line and you will see that a happy workforce is an extremely productive workforce.

Now as for me, I am in the process of writing a quick little guide for small businesses that want to promote their brand effectively on social media. Having ran my own business and advised others on how to promote themselves digitally; I feel it is good to share this information with others who may need it as it can be an extremely confusing topic at times. This guide of course will be free and hopefully we can get the ball rolling on a little feel good factor in our workplaces.


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