weekend review

So what did I get up to at the weekend? Nothing overly exciting to be honest. I had my typical geeky weekend, spent mostly playing with xbmc on my computer. I love xbmc, it’s definitely the best media player out there at the moment, in fact I’m actually contemplating binning Windows Media Player altogether and using xbmc as my sole media player. The rest of the weekend was wasted spent “researching” videos and articles around the web. I actually found a great video on Sourcefed of the most accurate commentary ever from a guy playing Battlefield 3. I never play games online, I’m not good enough & I really don’t have the patience for them, but if I knew this guy was playing I’d simply sit & watch, gloriously funny. Other than that it’s been pretty uneventful. Now that I look at it I had a pretty good weekend, pretty sad compared to some who may have had drug fueled parties with bikini clad ladies while receiving the meaning of life from Jebus and the God man. But hey, I had my fun. Until next time, you stay classy.


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