Don’t get lost because of criticism

I was always the guy that displayed huge amounts of enthusiasm in the beginning of any project I undertook. I mean I would go crazy researching, brainstorming and throwing myself head first into the task. That would be fine, until I hit a small bump. When I was met with a difficulty, I would immediately lose heart, give up all interest and drop the project completely. I also have a tendency to lose focus very easily and can become distracted by the… ooh a butterfly.

This then is pure and simple a recipe for disaster, unless, you actively work on an attitude change. That is why in recent months I have decided that no matter what, I am going to stick to the commitments I make. Now you may have found reading through this blog that I wouldn’t be the best writer out there, after all I don’t claim to be a journalist. I do believe though that we all have something to share and that we should be willing to embrace criticism from time to time, to push us from our comfort zones. That is why I have decided to attempt to start writing some books. My target is write 2 books and see how it goes from there. I know they won’t appeal to everyone, but if only one person enjoy, well then it’s worth all the effort.

I’m also trying to prove to myself that school teachers aren’t always right. When I was in school we had a very critical English teacher who would assign huge work loads all the time. Now, I understand that this is his teaching method and it does work with many students. But what educators seem to forget is, not all students can grasp information the same way.I believe that the education systems we have in place are actually costing us some fantastic minds capable of great achievements. Take a guy or girl who leaves school at a young age as the system has deemed them to be a “bad egg”. They leave school and haven’t got many opportunities so some decide that a career in drug dealing is the right move for them. Now people frown on these drug dealers as the scum of the earth and see them as wasters, but look beyond the badness and see the business skills needed to run their “enterprise”. They have to master all of the skills needed to run a modern business, while trying to stay under the legal radar. Don’t think for a second I am promoting selling drugs as a viable career option, I would never, ever be of that opinion. What I am saying is, if we take a second to look at the talents these young people have, maybe we could have redirected their focus to a strong career path. Who’s to say one of these members of the “lost generation” couldn’t be the next Warren Buffet or the next Steve Jobs.

I know I have slightly gone away from what I was originally talking about, but it is still related. We should never assume anything of anyone. We may make errors along the way, but as James Joyce said , “mistakes are the portholes to education”.


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