Welcome to my world

Hello and welcome to the Jack of all trades blog.

Firstly thank you for taking the time to have a look through the ramblings put down here, your time attention and above all interaction is greatly appreciated. You may be wondering what the JOAT is all about, well, let me tell you young Jedi. It is a collection of interests to be shared with anyone who may have a common interest.

On this blog you’ll find posts on topics from tech, sport, lifestyle and generally whatever is tickling my fancy at the time of writing. Not all posts will appeal to everyone’s tastes, while some people may find a new topic that interests them and hopefully persuade them to provide their thoughts on the matter.

I’m not a high flying English literature graduate and I will never claim to be, there may be errors from time to time and I may be missing certain characteristics. What I do have is a wide range of interests, a belief that we should all be allowed to express our views without judgement and a computer. It’s because of this I am now able to torture the wider world with my mad ramblings (and sometimes tiny snippets of wisdom).

I hope you enjoy what you find here and please feel free to join in and share your idea’s on a subject.


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